You can download the mod at the download link below

Xenoforce 1.5

To install this MOD, just extract all files in pack to your zero hour install directory, and make sure you have zero hour 1.03 patched or higher.

Download AI patch here

AI Patch

Installation: extract all file to your zero hour install directory.

Download Fixed AI here

Fixed AI

Caution: you should have AI patch installed before using this AI, otherwise will cause some bugs!

Download New Beam FX here


Caution: just some new FX of beams, looks more pretty than before, I packed directly from ini file. to install, extract all files to "zero hour install directory\data\ini\".

Download Realistic Nuclear Freedom patch made by Jacky Chong (nick: Kira Yamato)

Realistic Nuclear Freedom

Open source of xenoforce (base on xenoforce 1.5):

INI code files

W3D model files

Texture files

GMax model files

Model and skin of Minerva